Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Newgrange - #Solstice2017 Live Stream

2017 is the first year that the Winter Solstice in Newgrange is available to watch live online. Livestream is available here. No luck today - the 20th - as cloud has covered the whole area. Note: the weather lets you down for most time dependant events in Ireland, like meteor showers, BBQs, whale watching, fishing,camping, walking, hanging out the washing, etc. but you learn to not get your hopes up in Ireland, bring rain-gear and then be pleasantly surprised.

Yet I will try the last, I have another chance tomorrow (and if the 20th is a possible, then again the 22nd I'm assuming?). 

Character-building I suppose...

I saw a familiar archaeo-astronomer face being interviewed - Prof Frank Prendergast ex-DIT Head of School and also got an idea for a nice holiday trip, Boyne Boats, a guided tour paddling the Boyne in a Currach through Battle of the Boyne territory and other stone age regions..

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