Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Christmas Gifts and Geo

Yes, they do exist!

I'm normally about 3 years ahead with Christmas presents and have boxes of them ready for emergencies but this year is a disaster. I have nothing bought for most people. Having said that I did come across two excellent Christmas gifts which are Geo related - one is a 3D print of lunar topography with an LED nitelight in the centre - different illumination settings - very cool.

The other is one for next year with a bit of luck.

LEGO allow people to submit ideas for a vote to see how popular it is. They also have subtle subliminal tricks to see how popular the model might be by asking "how many of these would you buy" and "how much would you be willing to pay"....Well one of the front runners is a LEGO model of a Galileo GNSS satellite. Very cool - i'll be buying about 50 of these. I actually followed through with this, registered AND voted for it - that is how serious I am...vote here

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