Wednesday, 7 December 2016

LiDAR as Art 2017

The final five LiDAR as Art finalists are up online for voting and you can back your favourite here. My favourite is the, 'inside looking out' entry. Considering that the theme is 'winter solstice - personally I think we missed a trick here in Ireland not entering a scan of Newgrange or one of the other passage tombs in Brú na Bóinne. These tombs are over 5000 years old and specifically designed to channel the light on the summer and winter solstices! We'd have been a shoe in.

Newgrange - Discovery Programme 3D Icons project

Passage and chamber at Newgrange designed to channel light into the chamber at the winter solstice.
3D scans of the whole site and passage chamber available here from the always excellent Discovery Programme.


  1. I would also vote for 'Sun Tunnels' as it provides an intelligent view of landscape. If Newgrange structures would have been in the contest then they have been definitely in the final stage. Were these structures scanned using aerial or terrestrial platform ?

  2. Terrestrial - they are internal, tunnels are inside the mound in fhe first pic. I cant figure out the middle entry though - the blue and white wavy lines. Any idea?


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