Friday, 30 December 2016

Christmas Tree Revetment

What a great use of old Christmas trees. These are placed along coastal or river regions experiencing erosion and help the native grass (maram or otherwise) to take hold again and keep the bank together. The example in the link is for the River Dee and fisheries board - I have not come across many examples of this applied in coastal regions in Ireland although plenty online for the US. I wonder is their any harmful side introducing that many Christmas trees to a river area - like changing the pH of the soil. Possible that only happens with live Pine.


  1. So there's more to it than pitching my ould pine in a stream then? Pity.

  2. Unfortunately yes Anonymous - but I remember a solitary christmas tree at the end of Portrane beach that always baffled me how it got there, possibly floated down stream into Rogerstown estuary and around. A boon to all dogs in need of relief in an otherwise feeatureless part of the shoreline.


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