Monday, 7 November 2016

Irish Marine Atlas - Excellent GIS/Spatial Data Repository

I recently begin looking at the Irish Marine Atlas in detail to help with the marine spatial planning (MSP) side of the iCRAG slick mapping project. We are combining remotely sensed data with contextual GIS data to help inform classification of slick features. The Marine Atlas (designed by the Marine Institute) is an extensive, exhaustive and easily accessible online portal directing you to pretty much every spatial dataset that a person working in the marine or coastal environment for Ireland could want for any application, whether it is the blue economy, oil and gas, environmental, coastal protection. These datasets all captured by different organisations and using different geospatial technologies but combining them in one location really helps to make this data useable.

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  1. Great resource, the amount of datasets is amazing and the ability to easily export data to a number of formats is a great aid to research.


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