Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Slick Mapping

As we streamline the process and begin to target the right parameters for the different environmental conditions, we are starting to pick slicks out. From an assembly of three S1a slices covering most of Irish waters out to the Porcupine bank - a nice? slick appeared in the imagery from early August. The southern dark spot in this image is most likely a wind slick or waters converging - but the long, linear feature in the north is definitely something on the water surface. There is a bright spot about 2km to the east of the slick - possibly a ship after blowing its tanks. We will compare this now with all of the ancillary data we have for geology, weather, petroleum, shipping and try and classify it. Serious processing times - one setting I tested recently ran for 15 days on the server.

Update - having checked this with ancillary data - it is quite near a well. I will also check Sentinel 2a and Landsat 8 next to see if there was a cloud-free overpass coinciding with the slick for a different view.

Update 2: Nope, cloud.

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