Tuesday, 2 August 2016

It will be alright on the night

Despite the misty rain, strong winds and low lying cloud in Longford, the cloud in between there and Dublin and the confirmed cloud over Maynooth University (only about 20km from the coast) the flight went ahead due to some promising reports from the crew in Dublin bay. We emerged from the cloud at around 13:30 to glorious sunshine at Dublin City - here is a pic taken by us as we were in a holding pattern over Poolbeg towers waiting for Dublin ATC to route us in for the flight lines. We recorded RGB, Thermal, Multispec and Hyperspec imagery in 3 flight lines (that is all ATC would allow us). The boat crew from DCU were out in the bay since 8am so the aerial survey and the boat survey coincided perfectly.

The satellite portion of the survey was less fortunate - unsurprisingly so as this is Ireland. Although you can see from this image that there were some breaks in the cloud all over Leinster - the satellite overpass coincided with a block of cloud sitting over Dublin.

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