Monday, 14 December 2015

Paper Published on Satellite Prediction

I am very pleased that this paper was just published.

Combining 2D Mapping and Low Density Elevation Data in a GIS for GNSS Shadow Prediction.

I designed a method for using OSi vector data and some basic elevation data, in conjunction with satellite prediction software and a GIS to plan mobile GNSS surveys. 'Mobile' had been in the original title but it came out during the review process. I tested it around the campus and it performed really well - even without vegetation.

The main reason I am pleased is that it is my first paper as sole author (ERC here I come - I finally have the paper requirement), but also because it took alot of effort to get published and I am glad to have it over the finish line. I submitted this paper on Christmas Eve 2014 to get it in before the closing of the final, 'free of charge' window from the ISPRS open acess journal. It went through alot of reviews:

  1. 3 reviewers x 2 rounds (major revisions)
  2. 1 external editor
  3. Finally the internal editor
 But unfortunately the eventual decision was, 'reject and resubmit'. I did so, and then it went through 

     4. another 2 reviewers with (minor revisions)
     5. The internal editor

and I finally had it published last week. It's also my first appearance in a paper - that is my back in Figure 1a doing elevations for a flood survey and planning appeal in Skibbereen. The staff at the paper are very professional are very thorough, I think IJGI will be very popular. Will it overtake the print ISPRS journal?

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