Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Conference of Irish Geographers 2018 (CIG50)

I was at CIG2018 last week in Maynooth - this was the 50th in the series and they had made big plans for the event with a strong profile on social media.

It was only my second time presenting at this event but found I a very broad, interesting range of talks as usual. Our EO session (Daithí Maguire and me) was well attended and had some excellent talks - with talks on drones, coastal erosion, land cover in bogs and urban construction monitoring from satellite all included. Daithí's talk was excellent - really clear examples and assessment of different SAR datasets and orbits for picking up embankment on the headland at Brandon bay compared with INFOMAR LiDAR. My talk was on the "Satellites for BIM" project carried out with SCSI and ESA support last summer - Darragh Murphy, Aidan Magee, Avril Behan and Avril Behan. Lots of Q&A afterwards as well which is always a good sign.

It was very nice seeing some of the familiar faces again - Geography Dept was almost there entirely and most of the NCG and NIRSA was there plus a few back from foreign climes who had long since moved on but were still part of the Code and the City/City Dashboard project. I missed Gavin by one day.

I made a point this time of sitting in on talks that weren't in my usual sphere and caught a few interesting social science ones. Unfortunately could not make the Saturday morning session which had a lot of the climate change ones.

Anyway great job hosting Maynooth and well done to the organising committee. Galway bound next year - looking forward to it.

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