Friday, 23 February 2018

Potree Dublin

I refuse to let February go by without posting on the blog but I have never been this busy in all my life. Added to that I have a new gmail log-on for DIT so I can't edit the blog from that! Plus I have to admit that twitter is getting more of my attention these days as you can see from the side panel - its an easy way to pass a train journey and sharing content is much easier than here.

Thanks to Daire letting me know this is working - I tried to show the students a few weeks back but it was down. Potree back in my feed again . You might remember some of my previous posts on this online point cloud viewer - they had a complete RGB pointcloud of Denmark, plus forestry walk thourhgs. Well now they have updated it to include a LiDAR model of Dublin (looks like the UCD one).

Really impressive - no RGB data that I can see but you can colour by intensity, elevation - take measurements.

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