Monday, 25 July 2016

Calibration and Test Flights of Sensor Pod 2.0

NCG are starting into a new flying season this week. Between us (all of the staff at the NCG) we have Precision Ag, Forestry,  Seaweed, Slick Mapping, Bathymetry and Coastal Erosion to survey and capture data for. RPAS (Drones) are great but when you see the amount of ground we covered in our early calibration and test flights (with different landcover types in Cork, Longford and Carlow being covered) you can quickly see that RPAS are not suitable for covering those distances.

We flew approx 750km in 4.5 hours with multiple flight lines at each location - multispectral recording continuously and RGB, Hyperspectral and Thermal recorded at specific sites. I did my PhD with data from about 100m of road - this is enough for alot of PhDs...

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